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Cider Associations & Groups

  • The Beer Judge Certification Program lists style guidelines for judging cider and perry.
  • California Cider Association is a statewide association of cider makers, cider orchards, and related businesses to advance the California cider industry as a whole, enhance individual operations, and support cidermakers and orchards throughout the state.
  • Great Lakes Cider & Perry Association is home to the Great Lakes International Cider and Perry Competition (GLINTCAP). Members include both commercial and non-commercial cider producers.
  • The Northwest Cider Association is a group of cider makers and orchardists from western Washington, Oregon and British Columbia who have organized to promote the production and appreciation of hard (fermented) cider.
  • The Colorado Cider Guild is an organization for commercial producers of cider and perry in Colorado.
  • The American Cider Association aims to gather and share information about cider production, and to promote wider interest in cider and perry in the United States.
  • The Vermont Ice Cider Association is a group of artisanal producers committed to making Ice Cider in the Quebecois tradition suited to northern climates.