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Welcome to Cider Research and Education

The cider research program was established at WSU Mount Vernon NWREC in 1979 with six cider apple varieties, and today we have more than 65 varieties and are evaluating cultivar performance, orchard establishment, and management practices. Our world-renowned foundational cider course is being offered via online delivery, learn more on our Education and Events calendar.

Cultivar Performance Database

The cider research program has evaluated 73 different cider cultivars. Observations were recorded for vigor, growth habit, disease susceptibility, and fruit and juice quality attributes. Sensory evaluation of some single-varietal ciders was performed by professional cider makers in the region.

Orchard Establishment

Research at the NWREC has included feasibility studies for orchard establishment, establishment for mechanized management, and tree support methods.

Mechanization of Production

Mechanical hedging and mechanical harvest are being evaluated at NWREC for increased labor efficiency in cider apple production.

Apple Anthracnose Canker

Graduate research at NWREC has evaluated management and chemical controls of Apple Anthracnose Canker in western Washington.


Perry Pear cultivars on quince rootstock were evaluated at NWREC for bloom density, bloom timing, harvest date, and juice quality attributes. Observations also included disease susceptibility, growth habit, and vigor.

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